The MENTOR Network

A National Network of Providers

California MENTOR, The MENTOR NetworkCalifornia MENTOR is a partner of The MENTOR Network, a national network of local health and human services providers that offers an array of home- and community-based services in more than 30 states.  Founded in 1980, The MENTOR Network is a national leader in human services, with a successful track record of helping people of all ages and abilities live life to the fullest in the communities they call home.

Experience, Strength and Stability

The Network is one of shared values and resources, an organization offering those who work with us and those we serve the benefits of a strong national structure combined with localized programs—such as those throughout the Golden State.  Tying The Network together is a well-defined set of policies, procedures and quality standards that create a level of support and consistency unavailable elsewhere.

Extensive Resources

The resources of The MENTOR Network enable California MENTOR and our partners to invest in systems that make excellence possible—and we apply those systems in a way that directly benefits the people we serve and produces impressive results.  From accounting and financial reporting capabilities to cutting-edge clinical systems, The Network offers human services professionals the expertise they need to keep their focus on delivering the highest quality care.

Limitless Career Opportunities

The Network’s depth and breadth also creates advantages for our workforce, including comprehensive benefits and a career ladder that is rare in human services.  There is no stopping a passionate employee from developing the skills he or she needs to continue to progress in a successful career.

Since its founding in 1980, The MENTOR Network has never wavered from its goals of  “Building Relationships.  Enhancing Lives.”