College Support

We all want to lean more, reach higher, and discover new things in and out of the classroom.  After graduating high school, many of us strive to attend college and broaden our minds even more.  Cole Vocational Services, a partner of California MENTOR, wants to make sure everyone has that chance.

Our day programs offer College Support services that provide individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in California the chance to attend college or take classes to fulfill their academic goals.

Post-secondary Education Options

College Support is available in our community-based and center-based day programs for individuals 22 years of age and older who received a high school diploma.  We partner with community colleges throughout California to offer the following services:

  • Campus and enrollment support
  • Class selection guidance
  • Support in the classroom
  • Tutoring assistance
  • Transportation

Personalized Education

California MENTOR, College Support, intellectual and developmental disabilitiesIndividuals who choose to participate in College Support are able to take classes as part of their regular day program.  We provide personalized support for adults who are able to attend their classes independently with minimal support.

Once enrolled, individuals are able to choose from a variety of courses that are of interest to them.  Whether someone wants to study communications, business, or fine arts, the partnering colleges give students numerous options to pursue higher education.

During the referral process, we ask individuals about their desire to attend college and design Individualized Service Plans.  In addition, we focus on building excellent relationships with the state’s Regional Centers and partner with case managers to ensure we match individuals with the day program that will best meet their needs.   

Support for Academic Needs

Students can turn to us to receive the support they need to continue being successful in their college courses.  We set ourselves apart by helping students with greater supportive needs, allowing them to keep a sense of normalcy in their lives while learning, growing and shaping their futures.  Contact your local office for more information on our College Support program.