Center-based Day Programs

Our center-based day programs offer an array of engaging activities to help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities reach their goals and enjoy their daily activities. We create an atmosphere that offers structure and excitement for program participants who look forward to seeing their friends and staff members each day.

Individualized Services and Support

Individuals in our center-based programs receive specialized coaching and work on areas such as: 

  • Personal safety
  • Vocational skills
  • Independent living skills
  • Positive behavioral supports
  • Communication skills
  • Mobility training
  • Sensory development
  • Gaining volunteer and paid employment

Our day program staff takes a hands-on approach—incorporating structured learning and fun to help individuals reach their personal goals.  We get to know each person and help them with their Individualized Service Plan (ISP).  And since each person's needs change over time, we revisit goals and hold monthly self-advocacy meetings with each individual.

Unique Programs and Activities

Each program is uniquely designed—in terms of its physical structure and activities.  Some of our programs may focus on helping individuals with behavior challenges, while others are designed for adults with greater medical needs.  For those individuals, we have specialized equipment and medical staff, as well as range-of-motion and sensory activities.

Depending on an individual’s plan, he or she may take part in goal-driven classes or activities involving:

  • Photography
  • Arts & crafts
  • Music
  • Computer training
  • Physical fitness
  • Cooking
  • Television production
  • Personal appearance

We also provide opportunities for the individuals to go out in the community and participate in meaningful activities while strengthening the fabric of their neighborhood through part-time employment and volunteerism.

California MENTOR, intellectual and developmental disabilities. center-based day programsIn collaboration with our Regional Center partners and the individuals we serve, we help each person find a day program of their choosing and meet goals that change their lives for the better.  Contact your local office for more information on our day programs.