How We Give Back

California MENTOR, MENTOR Gives BackCalifornia MENTOR and our partners are committed to giving back to the communities in which we live and work, the people we serve, and our employees.  As a partner of The MENTOR Network, we’re part of a national organization that has a shared focus on strengthening communities in California and across the country.

Together, we invest in philanthropic programs and rally around causes that are important to the individuals and families we serve, as well as our Mentors, payors, and employees.

  • Going Green: California MENTOR and our employees are serious about our responsibility to take care of the environment.  Going Green is an effort to promote recycling, energy conservation, and the reduction of our carbon footprint in our offices and programs.
  • The MENTOR Network Charitable Foundation: Established by The MENTOR Network in 2007, the Foundation seeks to expand opportunities for the people we serve and support organizations that take a fresh look at how people with disabilities, as well as youth and families facing challenges, are supported.
  • Network Angels: Established by employees of The MENTOR Network for employees of The MENTOR Network, Network Angels provides grants to employees who experience sudden, life-altering events that jeopardize their ability to meet basic expenses.