Angela Munoz

Regional Director

As regional director for Northern California, Angela oversees Family Home Agency programs, day programs, and Supported Living Services and is committed to ensuring that each individual receives personalized services that meet their unique needs.

Angela has more than 10 years of experience in the health and human services fields and focuses on helping her staff create personalized services for each person they support.  She joined California MENTOR in 2007 as a qualified developmental disabilities administrator for Loyd’s Liberty Homes, which was acquired by The MENTOR Network and joined California MENTOR in 1998.  She has also held the roles of FHA program coordinator, program director, and area director.

Angela began her career as a direct therapy aide for an acute rehabilitation program and also served as a case manager and administrator to a healthcare management team.  Angela earned a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary health and rehabilitation sciences from Cal State Fresno.

“I am immensely inspired each day by the staff that supports the people we serve.  Each staff member is able to build relationships and make positive differences in the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  I am proud to be able to help each member of our staff continue to reach greater heights on the behalf of the individuals we support.”